Mindy Dickinson is dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of their health through a holistic approach, which includes yoga, stretching, asanas (postures), balancing, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation.


Stress is now considered the foremost contributor to our modern chronic maladies. Yoga allows us to bring us an expanded consciousness of loving, living, and healing to our everyday activities, starting from the inside out. Yoga offers a rainbow of activities to help us make our healing journey. 


My Practice

The breath is the foundation for everything we do in Yoga. We master a variety of breathing techniques. We also do physical postures and stretching thereby exercising and massaging every single part of our body. Included also is time for meditation, being still, and going inward. Classes end with a guided deep relaxation, which leaves you renewed and refreshed. 

What I Do

I tailor my yoga practice to meet your needs, whether they be physical or emotional. 


I am available for private, small group, or larger group lessons. Private and small group lessons are generally held in my home, located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. If necessary I am willing to travel to your residence, corporate space, or gym. 


During our initial phone consultation we determine together the best approach to meet each individual's needs. 

People who are looking for more one-on-one attention as they begin to open up may be interested in individualized yoga therapy.  In yoga therapy we look at every aspect of a persons life and what contributing factors may be causing blockages, stresses, aches, and pains. Yoga therapy is a comprehensive way of healing, uniting the mind with the body. Yoga therapy is yoga PLUS.  It involves an even more extensive and complete evalutation of the multifaceted needs of the client.  It takes into account every aspect of the student's physical, heart, emotional and spiritual health.  It involves releasing emotional blocks and emptying the fear.  Complete breath control, proper physical alignment and a heart surrendered are the necessary ingredients.