When I show up for Mindy's yoga sessions I feel like I am entering a higher realm of existance. A place where peace and joy reside. I quickly forget about the ongoing hardships and troubles that we all experience. She knows from all her years of teaching how to transform a room into a place of healing and hope.


-Chris C.

I have taken yoga classes with Mindy Dickinson for several years. She is a wonderful yoga instructor. Mindy is extremely well prepared. Although the class I take is a group lesson, Mindy instructs all of her student individually and makes adjustments to fit personal needs Her choice of music, spiritual readings and yoga stretching always leave me feeling younger, stronger and happier than I felt before the lesson.    

- Rita R. - Wynnewood, PA.

I have been practicing yoga for more than two plus decades and never fail to find it amazing. I began yoga for the emotional and spiritual aspects but soon appreciated the physical benefits as well.  What I truly cherish about Yoga is that whatever you do is right and good---there is no need to compete with anyone else or meet a preordained goal. I have been attending Mindy’s class for the past several months on the recommendation of a friend and sister nurse practitioner. From the outset, I have been very impressed with Mindy’s unique and charming approach to Yoga in what she calls the Stretch and Relax Class. First and foremost, EVERYONE IS WELCOME in Mindy’s class and the composition of the class reflects the spirit of inclusiveness.  All ages, abilities, and genders are present. Each class is different and special under Mindy’s unique guidance based on her extensive experience and understanding of the principles and practices of Yoga. The breath or the spirit is emphasized. Mindy often brings a special reading or a poem to the class which she reads as we are focusing on our breath and relaxing. She reminds us to listen to our own bodies for guidance---to try to go a little further but not to do more than one’s body allows. All present stretch and relax their bodies, minds and spirits in their own way and emerge from the class with renewed energy and resolve.


- Monica C. - Narberth, PA.

Mindy Dickinson introduced me to Yoga. Never having fully understood what it was really all about I approached it with some reluctance, yet without fear because I have come to know and appreciate her as a person of integrity and deep commitment.


Her paramount qualities as a yoga teacher are her vast knowledge of yoga, many years of experience and her individual care and devotion for people. What I came to realize about her is her willingness to fully share her expertise with everyone.


What especially impressed me as I’ve taken her classes is her authoritative knowledge of yoga, her natural ability in knowing how to tailor specific exercises for each person. She has successfully helped me strengthen my weakened back.


She has been very patient in guiding and encouraging me to continue.


She has taught me the importance of recognizing the amount of unrealized stress in my life, learning how to stop, relax and breathe better and more comfortably.
I am very grateful for all her help and encouragement. She is a marvelous person, authentic, and masterful in her yoga skills.

 - Herbert (Heschel) Israel Links - August 28, 2012

"Mindy's passion is the practice and discipline of yoga, with which she has many decades of experience and training. Foremost in that passion is her desire to help others to experience the benefits of the yoga poses, stretching, and proper breathing. She has genuine concern for each member of her classes and takes joy in helping all to experience relaxation and a feeling of well being. That has certainly been my experience in each of the classes I have attended. Her calm demeanor and the peaceful nature of the class facilitate shedding the effects of stress in our daily lives and achieving a feeling of greater centeredness."


- Pam V. - Narberth, PA.

For the last 8 years, I have taken Mindy’s Relax & Stretch/Yoga classes. As a senior, I am experiencing lower back pain and a tight body. Mindy’s classes stretch me out, alleviate my pain and help me sleep better. Best of all, I never have to worry about injuring my body! I also enjoy the classical music which Mindy plays during the session, the lavender eye pads she distributes during the wind down period and all the personal attention she offers her students. For someone who is not a yoga affectionado, I truly find Mindy’s Relax & Stretch/Yoga classes most enjoyable and beneficial in terms of learning how to relax.


- Roz S. - Merion Station, PA.

Mindy Dickinson is a wonderfully gracious yoga teacher.  I had the privilege of Mindy's instruction over a period of time in which my mobility was severely impeded.  I was often unable to walk or leave the bed.  Mindy worked with me, in the bed or seated in a chair, to increase my range of motion and to restore in me a sense of calm and peace during my sickness.  She was incredibly patient, versatile, and compassionate: ready to modify the practice for whatever I was able to do that day.  I highly recommend Mindy's services-- especially for those who have a physical handicap but are interested in maintaining a beneficial yoga practice. 


- Carolyn L. - Ardmore, PA.

Mindy's yoga class is a truly wonderful experience. Her over 30 years of teaching experience is immensely evident in her ability to instruct people of all ages, abilities, and attitudes. You will be hard pressed to find another class where the ages will range from 8 to 80 - everyone stretching, relaxing, and truly enjoying. I am a runner and Mindy's class has truly helped my flexibility, strength, and endurance. I also have a desk job where I am seated most of the day. My weekly yoga classes have taught me to fight against tension and work through the stresses of the day. Thank you, Mindy! I LOVE your class!
-Emily H., Ardmore, PA.

Mindy’s yoga class is one of the few opportunities I have every week to slow down, enjoy
the present, and stop the mental chatter relating to worries and responsibilities.  Her class combines seated and standing stretches, and breathing and balancing exercises. Mindy has a knack for tailoring exercises to the varied abilities of class members. She has a large group of regular class participants. I’m always impressed that she knows us all by name, and communicates warmth and caring to each one of us.   I hope others will have the opportunity to take yoga with this outstanding instructor!


-Mary F.

Mindy is a beautiful presence and spirit and is a seasoned yoga instructor that is very knowledgable and a source of great information regarding breathing techniques and working specific areas of the body. She is such a wonderful person both on the mat and off! She is patient, caring and works well with all ages. Since I've been doing yoga with Mindy, both my physical and mental health have improved and I look forward to every session!


-Kaitlyn S.

My daughter told me about Mindy's yoga class. Being somewhat reluctant, plagued with extreme anxiety since a heart attack five years ago, I decided to give it a try. During the first class I began to experience slow intentional yoga movements that challenged my strength and my fears. But listening to comforting words of wisdom from Mindy minimized the fear and anxiety. Since that time, I have vowed to continue classes and the decision has been ever so worthwhile. The spiritual connection and closeness to God becomes an apparent phenomenon that evokes amazing peace. The anxiety has lessened as the peacefulness continues. My blood pressure is low and the cardiac maintenance program at Bryn Mawr Hospital as well as my cardiologist is pleased with the ongoing results. Each class with Mindy is always a new experience filled with challenges and compassion and always wisdom from Mindy.


-Roxanne W.

Mindy has been offering her Stretch and Relax class at Narberth Presbyterian Church and her generosity of spirit is beautiful to behold. She often brings information on other related events and services that might be of interest to the class. Her Yogic spirit is manifested in her teaching and practice.  I feel very grateful to be able to participate in her thoughtful and helpful offerings.


-Tom S.

I've known Mindy for over ten years, and in that time I have derived enormous benefit from her skills as a yoga instructor. Mindy has an especially holistic view of yoga. She recognizes that mind, body and health are completely intertwined, and that the practice of yoga helps to improve all three simultaneously. She has a keen understanding of the importance of deep breathing and meditation as the foundational skills of yoga practice. I emerge from each session feeling energized, reinvigorated, and more at peace. As a psychiatrist I find her methods of instruction completely compatible with medical principles designed to improve overall physical and mental health. She has gained additional expertise through instructing people with cerebral palsy and other health challenges. I highly recommend Mindy Dickinson for group and individual yoga instruction. 


-Amy W., MD

Having never tried yoga before I thought as a 60ish woman I would never be able to be coordinated enough to get into the yoga positions I was pleasantly suprised. Under Mindy's expertise she conducts gentle yoga that a person at any level can attain. She is patient and thorough in her technique. I was able to see immediate benefit both to my coordination, gait and relief of neck and back tension. I had never tried yoga and now know that stretching leads to relaxation and I've been very pleased with my increased range of motion. I would highly recommend Mindy to conduct your yoga session. You will never look back.


-Linda C.

I have been practicing yoga for the last 26 years and I must say that Mindy Dickinson is one of the best yoga teachers I have had. Her way of teaching is very caring, mindful, and respectful. Mindy pays attention to every student in her classes and encourages him or her to do their best in order to benefit fully from the spiritual and physical practice of yoga. I particularly like the meditation session where every part of my body feels totally relaxed and that gives me a sense of well being and lightness. I feel at ease in Mindy’s yoga classes knowing that I am not being judged if I do not get the pauses correctly. Taking yoga with Mindy has tremendously helped me to reduce my level of stress at work and in my family situation.It is such a blessing to have a yoga teacher like Mindy whose passion for yoga is strong and deep.


-Anne F.

For several years I have been fortunate enough to take Yoga lessons from Mindy Dickinson. It has been most beneficial, particularly in times of stress. The breathing techniques I learned have been extremely helpful. They have allowed me to settle myself down and go on with whatever needs to be done. I have also found that I am stronger, much more flexible and able to keep my balance when I easily might have lost it . Who knows how many broken bones I have avoided. With all this in mind I highly recommend classes with Mindy. Anyone who has the opportunity to take them would be foolish not to do so. 


-Peg S.


I not only look forward to a peaceful relaxing yoga session on Monday nights with Mindy, I also look forward to her weekly reminders, filled with inspirational words of wisdom, reaffirming reminders to breathe and stay grounded during the week. Mindy is truly a giving heart, willing to support us as we strive to improve our health, body, and mind. Centering and gaining balance, Mindy leads us in stretching and relaxing while breathing and doing yoga postures. Every Monday, she generously teaches as a community offering for free. How amazing is that? I would say, "pretty amazing!" Thank you Mindy for being the spark that allows so many people to balance, stretch, center, relax, and become more aware to breathe every week.


-Patty R.

Mindy has the ability to teach yoga to all ages and ability levels, adjusting each posture and pose to make it relevant to the specific student. As a young and fit girl who likes to exercise, Mindy's yoga class is a perfect supplement to a cardio heavy work out regime. She lays the foundation for my body to be as flexible, open and strong as possible through her wealth of knowledge and variety of postures and exercises. She strengthens while soothing. Her yoga class is an essential part of any well rounded fitness routine.


-Gloria H.

For me there are no words impeccable enough to describe you. Mindy Dickinson is a wonderfully inspiring woman and a great yoga instructor. Although it took me an entire week to finally find and attend her class, it's been worth it and after one year I notice the difference. I am physically grateful; I would recommend Mindy's class as a household word for stress relief. I am honored to take this time to express my thanks to you, Mindy Dickinson for entering my life. 


-Tracie L.

In recent years, I've tried many different types of yoga. One put too much weight on my wrists. Another was too aerobic in a hot room. In a third, I sweated so much, I then had to shower and do my hair again. Mindy's yoga is perfect for me. I look forward to her weekly class, knowing that I will not only enjoy the time there, but will feel so much better afterwards.    


- Sallie R.


Invigorated yet calm: rested and focused. After a class with Mindy, these are a few of my feelings. Mindy uses a variety of techniques - breathing, movement, and meditation to create a successful class. From week to week Mindy adds variety to the class while attending to the different abilities and styles of her students. Mindy is attentive and offers extensions, new ideas and shares strategies to meet levels. Mindy is a gentle, thoughtful and caring yoga teacher.


-Ellen B.

I have been attending Mindy's yoga class for 5 years. Beginning with opening breathing exercises to calm your body and center your focus, through the  asanas and vinyasas, Mindy gently morphs your body into a sustained concentration of mind, breath and being. Her ending relaxation technique guides you into a total, peaceful and tranquil state.  One Killer Class.     


-Andrea R. 

Attending classes led by Mindy restored not only my interest and appreciation for the subtleties of breath, awareness and the daily gift of movement, but also my spirit. Mindy's insightful and supportive guidance and complete presence throughout enriches every participant's experience.


-Joan S.

I have never verbalized how thankful I am to be in your Stretch and Relax class. Your dedication, your kindness, your teaching skill, and your spirituality have been such an inspiration to me and sure helped to get me through my recent life stressors. I have benefitted so much from the physical exercises, and the awareness of breathing, which you rightly stress so much. I have been able to gain flexibility and strength to get me through my 5 days a week with little Bridget. I am looking forward to returning next Monday.


-Maxi C.

As a figure skater, flexibility and grace are not only helpful, but essential to the sport. I have found Mindy's Stretch and Relax classes, held for many years at Narberth Presbyterian Church, to be a delightful form of cross-training in a welcoming context.


-Debbie W.

As Pastor of Narberth Presbyterian Church for 21 years, I am grateful for Mindy Dickinson.  As a member of our church and my dear friend, Mindy led a wonderful yoga class at our church, which was entitled, "Stretch and Relax." It was held virtually every Monday night for 5 and 1/2 years from 2007-2012, and drew many folks from our church family as well as from the surrounding community and region.


Mindy is an excellent instructor, a true expert, and has a knack for making newcomers feel welcome.  She encourages people to start where they are and to grow from there.  Mindy is a dedicated and generous person.  She is committed to her own physical fitness and well being, and desires to share that with others.


Regardless of your level of experience, whether a novice like me, or someone more seasoned, I believe you will benefit from the outstanding talent and most gracious spirit of Mindy Dickinson.


-Steve Weed, Pastor of Narberth Presbyterian Church

Mindy’s “Stretch and Relax” class has become a welcome break in the midst of a hectic life. This was my first experience with a class of this type, and I was hooked from the start. Every week I look forward to this time to restore myself - mind and body - in peaceful relaxation. I have noticed great results in balance and flexibility since I started Mindy’s class about six months ago. Mindy is a caring teacher and friend, and I am grateful every Monday for the opportunity to “Stretch and Relax”!


-Ruth R. 

I love Stretch & Relax class because on the one hand personal growth takes some stretching

and on the other 'letting go and letting God' can become a fantastic spiritual practice with practice. Monday evening I bring my temple to Narberth Pres. sanctuary to experience His presence. Delightful!
-Kathie M.

I have been going to Mindy's yoga classes for the past year, and always enjoy them. I often come in feeling anxious and tense, and leave feeling rejuvenated and balanced. She creates a welcoming and safe atmosphere, and cares deeply about our shared yoga practice. I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes to yoga practitioners of all levels.


-Chloe C.

I am so grateful for your yoga classes. Your style is calming and supportive. Your yoga exercises are able to be easily adjusted to my own needs and limitations with special traits for encouraging me to stretch just a bit further. I always am grateful I came to your class, even on the evenings when I felt exhausted after a full day of teaching. It just helps me to center better and find balance. Thanks for your dedication and continued giving of the gift of Yoga.


-Catherine D.

I began Mindy's stretch-and-relax class about 8 years ago. I was in my mid-50's and was the only woman I knew who had NEVER taken an exercise class. I had no interest in that OR jogging for "fun". The reason I began was that a friend of mine, one day while leaving church, suddenly said "Look what I can do!" bent over, and threw her head between her legs! Well, I was rather impressed, and was pretty sure I could not do that. She told me about an exercise class and I went with her. I liked most of it until Mindy taught us the Sun Salutation pose...it was torture for several weeks. When she would announce that pose, I would silently think "I HATE that pose!!” This morning, as I did the lovely Sun Salutation, I smiled. Mindy always says that whatever is difficult will become easy, in time. She is so right!! I love the wonderful stretching, intentional breathing, and body strengthening her classes provide. Thanks Mindy!!!


-Mary W. 

I have been attending Mindy's classes for three years now and find it to be important for my well-being. Over this time I have noticed that Mindy notices each person’s abilities in the class and instructs those in need of instruction and accepts, without comment, each person’s shortcomings. She also reminds newcomers that we do not judge our own abilities against the abilities of others in the class that may be more advanced in the art. I notice too, that she somehow senses the overall feeling of the class and adjusts the difficulty of the class to suit the situation. Why do I keep coming back to her classes? Well, sometimes it is hard work, but when I walk out of there I feel very relaxed, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, I am a very active person (78 years old) and I find that the balance training has helped me out in a lot of unexpected situations. Overall, it also keeps me in good physical and mental condition. A good diet, yoga, mental and physical exercises along with music and family makes every day for me exciting and, thank God, free from taking any prescription drugs. Thank you and God bless you Mindy.


-Harold H.


Mindy's classes are fun and challenging. The atmosphere is welcoming and the pace mixes effort and relaxation. I am more flexible and stronger after attending Mindy's classes.  There is a lovely blend of the physical workout and attention to the mind. Every class is a good experience that has lasting benefits. Don't hesitate to start!


-Mary Jane C.

I have been taking classes with Mindy on and off for two years. She is a very gentle and experienced teacher. I like how she encourages us to challenge ourselves, and how she focuses on breathing. I leave her classes feeling both relaxed and energized.


-Fran O.